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Why choose Blue Star?

We are a local company with family ties to Lefkada and are made up of a multi-lingual team. We are passionate, experienced and have a strong connection and intimate knowledge of the surrounding waters. All our staff and skippers are qualified and internationally licensed.

The safety and enjoyment of our guests is our first priority and that’s why our fleet has been custom built by Olympic Boats, our multi award-winning manufacturing partner based in Athens. They have a proven record for excellence in safety and craftsmanship.

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Clean Oceans

Doing our part to preserve marine life and the future of our planet

At Blue Star we promote safe and environmentally friendly practices. As part of our relationship with the Ionian island’s and surrounding waters, we want to do our part to ensure our seas and oceans are not only clean for residents and visitors to enjoy though more importantly for the preservation of marine life and the future of our planet.

Blue Star Clean Ocean Initiatives

Ionian island remote beach and ocean clean up

Many of the isolated coves and beaches in and around the Ionian islands are prone to gathering waste plastics and rubbish due to the oceans currents and weather patterns directing them to these places. We all know to stop plastic and rubbish pollution in our oceans is by preventing the waste from entering our waters in the first place, unfortunately we still have a long way to go in educating and implementing plastic waste  prevention and effective rubbish disposal programs that mitigate the waste entering into our oceans. So here we are at the pivot point in awareness of the negative impacts that plastic and rubbish pollution is having on Marine life and our planet and we want to be part of the change. We want to raise the awareness and help educate the people of Lefkada and its visitors the importance of correct plastic and rubbish management.


  • Travel to identified remote beaches
  • Remove rubbish and plastic waste from the waters and around the shores of these remote coves and beaches
  • Transport waste securely by boat back to the island main marina where the waste can either be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner

Program Objectives:

  • Create awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans
  • Promote healthy marine life and habitat
  • Promote clean beaches for island residents and visitors to enjoy respect
  • Be an Island leader in the prevention of plastic and rubbish pollution in our oceans

If you would like to understand more about our Clean Ocean initiatives please contact us at info@go-bluestar.com.