A Coastal Escape with
Go Blue Star Boat Tours

Explore the secluded coves and breathtaking beaches of Lefkada and neighboring islands with Go Blue Star Tours! Ideal for small groups, we offer an escape from crowds, allowing you to relish the pristine beauty of the stunning coastline. With a local guide and diverse activities, Blue Star Tours ensures your perfect paradise getaway.
Island Day Tour
Immerse yourself in opulent surroundings, relish high-end amenities, and unwind in unparalleled comfort.
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Half Day Tour
Discover hidden gems off the map, unwind at well-loved beaches, or savor a romantic sunset cruise.
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Snorkelling Tour
Swim alongside majestic sea creatures including turtles and capture those Insta-worthy moments.
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Personalise Your Tour
Create your own personalised itinerary or we can tailor an experience to suit all your requirements.
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