Island Day Tour

Spend the day on the blue, exploring hidden gems & the best coastal spots Lefkada has to offer.
Experience a full day of exploration with our Island Day Tour, offering visits to multiple destinations tailored to your preferences. Whether you choose to swim, snorkel, dine, or simply relax on the sand, we've got you covered. Snorkelling gear is included, and we'll stop for dining at picturesque locations like Meganisi, Kefalonia, Kalamos, Ithaca, or Lefkada, depending on our morning activities.
Day Tour Options
The 3 island - most popular

Perfect for everyone, catering to every traveler's preferences.

Papanikolis Cave
Situated along the southern coastline of Meganisi, Papanikolis Cave is a must-visit for anyone exploring the Ionian Islands. Meganisi, renowned for its popularity among small motorboats, can become quite bustling in the summer. We highly recommend making the cave your initial stop on the day tour, capitalizing on the tranquil waters before the influx of small boats and tourists.

Explore the remarkable coves and rock formations that Meganisi has to offer. Atokos Island stands out as a favourite among our guests, inaccessible to smaller motorboats. Our 7.2-meter rib boat is the perfect size for traversing to and from the exclusive remote islands and beaches in the Ionian region. Atokos showcases awe-inspiring overhanging rock formations, cliff faces, and secluded beaches, creating a spectacular and unparalleled experience within the Ionian group of islands. The high cliff faces of Atokos provide the luxury of enjoying certain beaches shaded by the sun or in direct sunlight at different times of the day. A highly recommended destination for those who have yet to explore its wonders.

Lunch in Kioni

Kioni, nestled on the East Coast of Ithaca, is a top lunch choice for our guests, embraced by mountains and traditional houses. This charming fishing village offers a delightful experience, whether enjoying local cuisine, exploring the town, or basking in its scenic beauty. We'll visit La Primarie beach on the North West coast line of Afelas bay and after a satisfying lunch in Kioni, take a leisurely cruise along Ithaca's east coast, unveiling isolated beaches perfect for swimming, snorkelling, or relaxation.

The two island west coast

Ideal for Sun Lovers


The southwest end of Lefkada is a must-see for any tourist. Miles of coast line and sparkling light blue waters make it the perfect stop for swimming and sun baking. Accessible by boat to visit Egremni Beach, only especially in the morning is a surreal private paradise and a great way to start your day tour.

Porto Katsiki Exclusive
Although accessible by vehicle a cruise by or drop off at Porto Katsiki from the ocean side is a totally different experience. Towards the Southern end of Porto Katsiki from the water you will also see where the beach is divided by large rocks that make a small section of Porto Katsiki only accessible by boat. Pending if the water is calm we can take you right up to the shore lie to drop you off or simply cruise by and enjoy the unbelievable coat line of the West Coast of Lfkada.

Hidden Beach
One of Lefakda’s best-kept secrets, the hidden beach or should I say hidden beaches on the west coast of Lefkada can be an amazing way to spend time relaxing or exploring the West coast caves and isolated beaches with your partner or family. To difficult for the large ferries to get to, these small beaches are only accessible by private boats which makes them tourist-free even during the peak of the summer months.



Located on the west coast of Kefalonia, Assos is a favourite for people looking for a bit of culture in a traditional setting. Welcomed by entering a populated harbour of restaurants, swimming beach, well-kept properties and cultural heritage, Assos is the perfect place to eat, have a coffee or enjoy a stroll up to the Castle of Assos and soak up some unique Ionian culture. We can also stop off at some of the isolated beaches that are close to the port of Assos to enjoy some swimming or sunbathing before heading back to Lefkada.

Many of our guests like to end their day tour in Fiscardo by enjoying an ice cream and browsing through the boutique town and local shops. Known for its VIP and celebrity visits, Fiscardo is one of the most famous harbours in Greece and a great way to end the day.

Siesta Beach
Take a siesta and relax for the afternoon on one of the secluded beaches at one of the Lefkada lighthouse East Coast secluded beaches.

The snorkelling & cave day

Come along on a thrilling snorkeling and cave exploration day tour through the Ionian Islands, where you'll visit up to four islands and discover five captivating caves. With exact locations kept secret to preserve the unique experience, you'll swim through stunning caverns, marvel at underwater rock formations, and encounter cliff drop-offs. Keep your eyes peeled for turtles, parrot fish, dolphins, tuna, seals, and octopus as you delve into the depths. After an exhilarating morning, enjoy a delicious lunch in Kioni (Ithaca) before concluding your adventure at the northern tip of Ithaca, surrounded by the deep sea's mystery.

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On the Day Information

Depart: Vasiliki Marina 7.00 – 9.00
Lunch: 12:00 – 14:00
Return: Vasiliki Marina 17:00 – 17:30

Departure times are flexible between 7.00 – 9.00 to set off but be sure to communicate the exact time with us in advanced. We always recommend an early start so you get most out of your day and we beat the crowds especially if we are visiting Papanikolis Cave in Meganisi or Egremni in Lefkada.

what to bring

Sun protective clothing

good to know information

• Tour routes and destinations depend on weather conditions and will be confirmed on the day
• Early website bookings are recommended to ensure availability
• Skipper is a certified Rescue Diver and emergency response first aid
• Lunch is not included in the price of the tour
• Maximum 7 passengers
• No scuba diving available
• No children under 5 years old
• No shoes to be worn on the boat

cancellation policy

Scheduled tour bookings are not confirmed until Blue Star notifies you with confirmation of your booking. This is to ensure we can accommodate your requested date.
• We always suggest a call, email or text the day before your tour to ensure all your details are as they should be. It is not obligatory, but it helps.
• Blue Star Tours operates in safe weather, and reserves the right to alter or amend an itinerary if circumstances require.
• Blue Star also strongly advises you to take out travel insurance, it’s well worth the peace of mind.

• Advanced notice gives us more time to replace your booking.
• If we can't replace your booking a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.

All changes must be received in writing.
• If changes are made to your booking more than 7 days before the original booking there is no additional charge. The new date must be within 1 month.
• All changes are subject to availability. If changes are made within the 7 days, this may be considered as a cancellation – and cancellation fees are charged accordingly.

• Boat Tours are subject to weather conditions and may be cancelled on short notice.
• If Blue Star is forced to cancel a booked tour, any prior tour payments will be fully refunded (other than third-party booking fees).

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